Intelliseek Seeking No More

is_stock.jpgI learned today that it’s time to move my Intelliseek stock certificate from my investment folder in my filing cabinet to the box of failed dot-com memorabilia in my closet.

I joined when I jumped ship from the sinking disaster that was Cyberset/TF Logic. They had blue-chip investors, marketing gurus from P&G, and a tech team with actual business experience. And like most dotcoms, they spiraled to their death.

Until they merged with Intelliseek to rebrand the combined company as a 360 view of all the feedback on the Interweb about a company’s product. They perfectly complemented each other and would be hugely successful!

And they proceeded to spiral to their death.

I finally got a call back from the remnants of the Cincinnati office that the assets of Intelliseek was sold off to Nielson for about $15 million less than what the preferred shareholders were entitled to. Which makes my common stock (the result of my exercising some of my options upon the CrazyEngineer Family’s move to Oregon) completely worthless except as a tax write-off.

I’m disappointed, but not really surprised. All the ace people that made me excited to work there in the first place have long since moved on, and I’m still not sure the company really knew what is was when I left.

And, for those of you keeping score, this would make the survival rate 0 for 3 for the full-time employers of the CrazyEngineer.
Maybe companies just can’t handle the progressive, fast paced thoughts of the CrazyEngineer 40 hours a week? Perhaps, a little CrazyEngineer goes a long way.

Or perhaps the CrazyEngineer is merely the Ted McGinley of the dotcom world.

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