Elisabeth Shirley McCartin, the Easy-Going Sibling

Do not wake the snoozing Ellie.

Been awhile since I’ve posted, but this time I actually have a valid reason. On Thursday, August 14 at 17:12, CrazyBaby number 2 was born using unnatural natural means. Natural because no drugs or invasive procedures were used. Unnatural because Mrs. CrazyEngineer broke the labor speed record, going from transition to second stage labor to birth in about 12 minutes. Considering the first time took three days, the sudden onset was a bit of a shocker (especially to our newbie nurse and to our midwife who didn’t even make it to us in time to deliver the child). Ellie tipped the scales at 9 lbs, 10 oz; more than a pound heavier than Isabel. But she came out so fast that she still had a bunch of liquid in her lungs which caused her to have a low pulse-ox reading of 80 with room air (you usually want at least 95).

This unfortunately meant that instead of Mrs. CrazyEngineer holding Ellie right away, our child was wheeled off to the nursery to be given extra oxygen to get her pulse-ox level up. I went with her and stayed in the nursery letting her hang on to my pinky while she had this plastic hood over her head giving her 30% oxygen. It actually looked worse than it really was, but not exactly the birth we had in mind. But Ellie did improve and she was finally wheeled into the room to be with her exhausted parents around midnight.

Isabel holding her baby sister for the first time.

The good news is that post-natal care is going much smoother this time. Mrs. CrazyEngineer is feeling much better than she did after giving birth to Isabel. We’re getting plenty of help from the in-laws so the adults still outnumber the short ones on most days. Ellie is nursing well and is actually allowing us to sleep several hours at a time (as opposed to Isabel who pretty much woke us up every hour).

Speaking of the Izzy, she has fully entered her defiant toddler phase. It’s becoming quite annoying how she now no longer listens to directions and moves at her own pace. I’d like her to pick up the pace sometimes, but I’ve seen other parents trying to get their kids to hurry up, and I just don’t want to be that kind of parent. So I just take a deep breath, try to enjoy our time together, and take comfort in the hope that she will grow out of this in a few years.

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  1. Sorry it took my 9 years to get here, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ellie is positively beautiful. Look a those cheeks! I’m so grateful that at almost 10 months, Bela hasn’t lost his. I hope your cheek squishing-pinching-kissing-raspberrying fun extends as long…

    Tell Izzy she can come stay with Aunt Tara while she works through some of her “issues.” We don’t move very fast, either.

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