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mvc-285f-734590.JPGHere’s the first post of an exciting new category on the site: hacking the CrazyEngineer for better health and longevity.

Today’s big decision: which multivitamin to buy?

Really not as easy as you would think. Crazy Mother-In-Law gets the Nutrition Action Newsletter that is full of interesting stuff. They just did a whole section on multi-vitamins, and there is currently some debate going on over whether a daily vitamin is necessary for everyone (or if it may even be harmful).

The biggie everyone is looking at right now is folic acid. Some studies have linked high intake of folic acid to higher rates of colorectal cancer and colon polyps. Pretty much every multi-vitamin has a significant amount of folic acid in them. Now, you want to be taking a high level of folic acid if you plan on being pregnant because it can prevent early birth defects affecting the brain and spinal cord. But, since I’m not the one bringing embryos to term in the family, folate is less of an issue for me and it is recommended that I take a multi-vitamin every other day to limit my folic acid dosage until new studies are able to shed some light on the issue.

I also wanted to make sure the multi-vitamin did not have iron in it (for reasons I’ll get into later). So, going by these to big constraints and the newsletter’s recommendations, I purchased a bottle of Walgreens Once Daily for Men (same stuff at half the price of One A Day) and a weekly pill case with four time-based containers per day. No reason old people should get all the cool medical accutriments.

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3 Responses to “Hacking the CrazyEngineer”

  1. Have you gotten into reading any of the studies that measure the number of whole multivitamins that end up in the sewers? You might want to skip the pharmacy shelves and head to special order vitamins that specialize in coating vitamins in materials that actually break down in our system, allowing us to absorb the vitamins and minerals we spend so much money on.

    Try Nature’s Sunshine, but do your best to avoid the feel of the pyramid scheme-iness. You have to sign up for a membership, which is often too much commitment for me, but it might suit you.

  2. CrazyEngineer says:

    See, that’s what starts messing me up. Does the RDA take any of that into account? We were looking at liquid vitamins awhile back and they all sound great, but if the absorption level of that is so much higher, would it throw off all the other nutrient calculations?

  3. Oh, I don’t know anything about nutrient calculations, but I do know that liquid is absorbed much quicker (and more effeciently). I’m sure the dosage on the liquid vitamin bottle takes that into account…

    I should probably take vitamins. If only I can remember…

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