Canada Bound Edition

chuck-wagon-race_420.jpgWell, it’s that time of year again (and by ‘that time of year again’, I mean the same time as last year which was the first year we did this). It’s the CrazyEngineer and CrazyFather Travel adventure. He spends several days taking the scenic route to a destination on his Harley, and I fly out like a civilized person and meet him at a bizarre and unique event.

Last year we attended the 60th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Since we had met the aliens (or those who dressed like them) last year, we decided to meet the people aliens and UFOs usually visit: White T…er…Country Folk.

Tomorrow I fly out to Calgary in Alberta, Canada (America’s 51st State) for the annual Calgary Stampede They’ve got rodeos, chuckwagon races, casinos, music, and more weekend cowboys than thought possible. We have tickets to the two big headliner concerts: Sugarland on Friday night and Kid “Will Rock For Meth” Rock on Saturday night. One guess who wanted what.

Thanks to Stub Hub, we actually have good tickets for both (9th row center for Kid Rock). Anyone know what the slang for “tweaker” is in Canada?

We’re also going to head out to Jasper through Banff and Lake Louise. I’d love to do some hiking, I’m just worried that CrazyFather only has his motorcycle boots (which might be fine for Mt. Brighton but probably aren’t going to cut it on a glacier). There are some tea houses you can only reach by foot in the mountains above the lake, might be a nice place for a little meditation and to get my shit together.

Because for those of you keeping score at home, we’re at T-minus 4 weeks until Spawn #2 makes his/her debut. Which means I need to figure out a regime of of exercise, meditation, and work and implement it ASAP so I might actually have a chance of continuing these practices in sleep deprived fog that shall engulf me until Christmas.

And for those of you asking, Mrs. CrazyEngineer has had multiple opportunities to veto this trip, to which I would have easily compiled because I’m a little leery of not being home this close to the due date. But Izzy was past her due date (and really didn’t want to come out), I think we have a decent buffer. (Knock very loudly on wood)

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  1. If you’ve never been to Alberta, you will LOVE it. We honeymooned in Banff. Lots of Japanese folk. Also, cowboys (?).

    Congratulations on your Second Annual Travel Adventure. I know how hard it is to keep up those traditions, but they are important (and from the sound of yours, a whole lot of fun). I experience severe culture shock when among White T…er…Country Folk, myslef, but when I saw a commercial for the Calgary Stampede, my heart beat a little faster. Very jealous.

    Have fun! And tell Mrs. CrazyEngineer that she can ring me if her contractions get too close together. So, it might take me a few hours to get there, but I got yer back…

  2. CrazyEngineer says:

    Doh! I knew I shouldn’t have sold the matter teleporter at the garage sale before our more to Salem.

    Thanks for the backup though.

  3. Mrs. CrazyEngineer says:

    Just for the record, back in Jan or Feb, Mr. CrazyEngineer asked if he could go. At the time, I was reeling from nausea, a new job, and we just moved in with my mother and not only did I think the pregnancy would NEVER end, but July was a freaking long way away…. I suggested several times that July might not be the best time, and perhaps the Stampede next year and something else in say May this year, and tried to emphasize the risks (ie you may not be present for the birth of your second child)… but I find it difficult to tell your partner “NO” without them coming to that conclusion on their own… Besides, the mental health benefit alone of spending a week with the CrazyFather (50% bonding 50% glad to see us again) is going to be well worth it especially since Mr. CrazyEngineer won’t get to do anything else for awhile anyway.

  4. CrazyEngineer says:

    I love you babe, but I believe this is a case of “Pregnancy Brain” because I remember being much more concerned about proximity of the trip to the due date than you were.

  5. It wasn’t me who opened the can! I’ll just be tiptoeing off in this direction over here…

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