Father’s Day Agenda

Mmmm, donuts...When Mrs. CrazyEngineer first asked me last week what I wanted to do for Father’s Day, I had one answer: Sleep.

Perhaps some background is in order. Sometime during college, the CrazyEngineer switched to being a morning person.

A “Holy Crap why would anyone ever be up this early!” morning person.

I personally blame my two years as a Buggy Mechanic as the trigger mechanism for this switch. Being functional at 3:30AM every Saturday and Sunday for two years is going to mess you up. So, these days I wake up at 4 AM and am usually at work by 4:30 AM while the family sleeps. I start winding down around 9 PM and aim to be asleep by 10 PM. For those math majors reading this, that would six hours of sleep a night.

So, assuming a young bipedal hominid does not wake me up early, I can get four complete REM cycles and somewhat refreshed in the morning. I’ve been tempted to try switching to a biphasic sleeping schedule, but I just don’t function well on cognitive tasks after 10 PM, so an afternoon nap would just let me stay up longer and be unproductive.

I do actually love a long afternoon nap, which is why I try to work out of the home at a coffee shop since they usually get annoyed when people are lying around snoring. This means that naps on the weekend are great treasure and usually claimed as an excuse to help the CrazyBaby sleep. I still keep the same 10 PM to 4 AM cycle on the weekends so I don’t get out of whack the following week. But a whole day of no responsibilities and sleeping and reading all day would be most excellent.

However, for the same reason I can’t go on vacation without a bag of books and a notepad, I couldn’t just lie around doing nothing all day. I’d go crazy after a few hours. Plus, since it is Father’s Day, I figure I should probably get up and spend time being a father with the family.

Which led to me changing my agenda 180 degrees and instead of taking it easy, I want to get a pile of crap done that has been sitting in my active drawer and cluttering up Remember the Milk. It’s a weird mishmash of crap, from expense reports for Marked Man to some class action lawsuit involving Sears anti-tip brackets for ranges. Sending that pile to the “Done” bin would be an excellent karmic cleansing.

Speaking of karma, I’ve also been meaning to make myself a meditation bench, because as much as I enjoy sitting seiza, I enjoy the use of my legs even more. What’s a more fatherly activity than building something?

I also have that three inch tall stack of magazines I could catch up on, that would be nice. Or I could finish one of the few other books I have started. Or I could just start that third book of the Baroque Cycle that has been mocking me since Christmas. And I really should get to fixing the Media UnVault.

And like that, my one day of relaxation a year has become just as jam packed as any other day.

Sigh, damn you brain. Just chill for a little bit. We can watch some reality tv.

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2 Responses to “Father’s Day Agenda”

  1. Damnit, CrazyEngineer! You sound like me – anxious, relentless, spastic. I do the EXACT same thing when given a choice, first plan to do nothing, then the list starts accruing items in my brain, burning a tatoo onto my cerebral cortex. So if you’re anything like me, make sure that whatever you decide, it’s EXACTLY what you want to be doing, not what you SHOULD be doing, then it will be a day well-spent. I do understand if that means attending to your pile o’ crap, then so be it. But make sure it’s what you want.

    I had the pleasure of being conditioned by a coffee shop that I worked at during college. I am no stranger to the awesomeness of being the only one on the road at 4am. Next to office supply stores, it’s one of my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad…

  2. The CrazyEngineer says:

    You store lists in your brain?!? That’s no way to accrue 640 things to do. And I’ve read that normal tattoo removal is painful and expensive, I’d hate to see the waiver you’d have to sign for cerebral cortex tattoo removal.

    You need to read Getting Things Listed…er…Done (or listen to the seminar I have on mp3). That way, you can never forget about any of the 640 things you have to do (which some people assert is actually a good thing).

    I forget the last time I got to do exactly what I wanted to be doing. I settle for being able to do something either not immensely painful (physically, mentally, or emotionally), or something distracting enough so that I forget I’m actually spending non-infinite minutes of my life doing something I don’t really want to do, or something at least slightly subversive and heretical to the general world groupthink.

    I actually enjoyed walking in urban environments at 4AM. Gives everything an eerie post-armageddon vibe.

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